About the work


In my work I explore abstraction and landscape, using iterative processes to break down and interweave organic and geometric structures.   


Over the course of my practice I’ve investigated how the formal language of abstraction and pattern can be used to draw references to landscape, technology, text and textiles, coding and craft.


My recent paintings evolve through a collage-like process of cutting, layering and erasing, alternately building up then scraping and sanding back fragments of imagery over and over again. Through this process, tensions arise between forms, liminal edges and broken repetition, allowing ruptures and slippages to undermine any persistent geometry.


In making the work, I seek to link together method, form and metaphor, looking for ways in which formal and conceptual elements converge, considering the accretion of shape, line,



About me


I'm an art practitioner and teacher currently working in Melbourne, Australia.