About the work


In my work I explore colour, pattern and abstraction, looking at different ways to investigate modes of interference and intersection between formal and conceptual elements.


Over the course of my practice my work has variously incorporated or made reference to text and textiles, coding and craft, landscape and technology.


My most recent works play with an ambiguity of construction and destruction, bringing together layers and interstices of geometric and organic patterns. Using collage, photography, print transfer, screen printing and paint, repetitive images of landscape and abstraction are jumbled and woven together, aligning with or disrupting each other.



About me


I'm an artist and art teacher currently working in Melbourne, Australia.


Previously, I have been actively involved in the Melbourne ARI (artist run initiative) sector. Most recently, as Education Program Coordinator at BLINDSIDE. 


In addition to my ongoing arts practice, I am an Art teacher at Montmorency Secondary College and have the position of Arts and Technology Learning Specialist.